About UPSC

  • What is UPSC?
  • What is UPSC exam?
  • How should I prepare for the exams?
  • How many types of exams are available?
  • What are the basic portions of such exams?
  • How to clear the exam?
  • Is there any best UPSC coaching centre in Chennai?
  • Are those coaching centres are reliable?

The above are some of the common questions in the mind of any candidate who intends to appear for UPSC exams.

But what is UPSC?

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is an independent central government agency responsible for recruitment, in order to select the best individuals to work in various wings of the government.

The list of examinations conducted include
  • Civil Services Examination.
  • Indian Forest Service Examination.
  • Engineering Services Examination.
  • Combined Defence Services Examination.
  • National Defence Academy Examination.
  • Naval Academy Examination.
  • Combined Medical Services Examination.
  • Indian Economic Service.
  • Indian Statistical Service Examination.
  • Combined Geo Scientist and Geologist Examination.
  • Central Armed Police Forces (Assistant Commandant) Examination.

Competition is extremely tough and the selection parameters are rigorous. However, the benefits and respect garnered by IAS officers is well worth the effort.

Hope you have a lot of questions crossing your mind?

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